Our Process

Our vertical integration allows us to fully control, verify and deliver the highest-grade CBD and cannabinoid products in the industry while providing 100% visibility into each phase of our production process.

Our commitment to quality and compliance begins at the ground level.

All ACES products are tested by ISO-certified independent laboratories at every phase of production – from verified genetics to packaged product – to confirm full compliance with current legislation.

Seed Genetics

Before our seed ever goes into the ground, seed genetics are third-party verified and customized to yield only the most genetically-rich CBD extracts.


Our grow begins in greenhouses where our seed starts thrive and develop into healthy plants that easily transition to the exceptional growing conditions of the South Atlantic region. With farms located on the richest hemp-growing soil in the country, our soil chemists and master growers produce Farm Bill-compliant, cannabinoid-rich biomass that meets or exceeds our criteria for processing.

ACES Farmers’ Alliance

In addition to our own farm in North Carolina’s Piedmont region, our innovative Farmers’ Alliance extends our grow to over 15 farms in four states. While this geographical diversification helps mitigate agricultural and climate-related risks, our comprehensive testing practices ensure that we consistently deliver fully-compliant products with 100% traceability.


Our processing facilities are designed for efficient, high-volume production of superior cannabinoid products. Our state-of-the-art extraction equipment can be retrofitted and customized, enabling us to meet changing market demands.


We employ strict standards for production and end-to-end testing methodologies to ensure that all ACES products adhere to GMP standards and are fully compliant with the latest regulatory legislation.


We currently sell our CBD products to wholesalers, businesses and manufacturers throughout the country. ACES customers can depend on complete and timely delivery of our exceptional products.